Its Time to Combat Period Poverty

What is period poverty you may ask !

Period poverty is a serious issue affecting women and girls all over the world. It means being unable to access sanitary products due to financial constraints. There has been an increase in awareness around the impact this can have on the lives of women and girls especially around education. To address this growing problem many schools are now offering free sanitary products as part of a government funded initiative. We are finding that this initiative is influencing companies to offer feminine sanitary products to their employees or visiting clients free of charge. This initiative is a wonderful step to take for young girls and women. Lets think of the impact and affects by not having the means to access feminine hygiene products To deal with menstruation. It can lead to a wide range of consequences from anxiety, depression as well as carrying a social stigma. Young students in particular it can have a massive affect on their education with embarrassment therefore resulting in reduced attendance.


How can we take this positive step to provide free sanitary products !

Medicare have a range of vending machines which can dispense sanitary products free of charge. They dispense products quickly and easy and come in different designs to suite your environment offering the most discrete and dignified way to access sanitary products. We can provide you with the sanitary products to fit the vending machines as well as installing the machines for you.

Talk to Medicare about the options available to you and take that step forward in tackling period poverty and giving dignity back to those young girls and women who are struggling.

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